Vintage, Veteran, and Classic Cars

I have an interest in a variety of Veteran, Vintage, and Classic cars for various reasons but mostly going back within my family and the vehicles I grew up with which are mostly classics today.

The Veteran and Vintage vehicles were obviously way before my time, but back in the distant past family have mentioned various models and makes and I am interested in these as well.

Of course, my main passion is die-cast toys and you can see my collection at Tonys Toys and my sites at RecoverToy and Antique Toy World.

In terms of real cars (or 1:1 scale) I drove many Holdens, a Morris Minor, various Mini Minors, and via my wife’s preference for Ford, we have had numerous models including an Escort (~1970 Mk II), Falcons, and my current Courier utility.

The pages and posts within these categories relate to my research on a wide variety of ‘real’ cars, while my ‘toy’ cars are documented in my web sites dedicated to toys.

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