What links from here?

The links are simply from here to sites that I have an active interest in managing.

Marble Bay is our consultancy business that has actively supported a broad range of clients since 1997.

My hobby of die-cast toys and other childhood memories is found at Tony’s Toys and for anyone with similar interests RecoverToy provides reproduction parts and restoration services.

For the working week I work with UniPhi which is an enterprise Project & Portfolio Management System.

I also have an interest in WrenMaxwell a web site and cloud hosting business which helps to keep me busy.

Links to all of these are in this post or the menu at the side along with my Tech Blog that I started a while back to record some of the more interesting (at least interesting to me) tasks and processes that I have come across in supporting IT systems for myself and clients over the years.

Hello world!

A post to start off a new site. www.thowden.com.au should help me co-ordinate all the various sites that relate to the things I do.

Why “Hello World”? Because that has been the standard for first output for a new program or testing a construct in programming since I started coding a VAX in Basic in the early 1980’s.

Why “one site to rule them all”? Besides from being a huge Tolkien fan since first borrowing The Hobbit from the school library, it seemed an appropriate tag line for a site that is primarily to link to other sites that I endeavour to manage in an eclectic life!