Napier Car Touring Northern Queensland 1913

Two articles in the Brisbane Courier dated 11th and 12th June 1913 referring to a Napier Car Touring Northern Queensland. The car being a Noiseless Napier 45 horse power 6 cylinder model.


Brisbane Courier 12th June 1913
Page 8
Napier Motor Car’s Work.

It is understood that the car mentioned
in yesterday’s issue as having performed
such splendid work with the Chief En-
gineer and the Minister for Railways on
their recent Northern trip, inspecting the
new coastal railway, is a 45 h.p. 6 cylin-
der noiseless Napier. This is the same
car that took the Premier through from
Longreach, Cloncurry, and across the
Gulf country. It is understood that this
Napier is the first motor car to perform
the two noted trips above mentioned.

The original article from the previous day was no more than a sentence in a column on page 4.



The Minister for Railways returned to
Brisbane yesterday after a visit to North
Queensland occupying several weeks.

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