Napier Road Test Dec 1909

Another article from the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper dated 20th December 1909.

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The motoring representative of “The Daily Telegraph”
was taken out on Saturday by Mr. Peter M’lntosh, of
Alick M’Neil and M’lntosh, Ltd. (agents for the “Na-
pier” cars), for a trial run in a new 15-h.p. 4-cylinder
noiseless “Napier.” The car was only landed on Thurs-
day afternoon. The run was through the congested
traffic of the city, thence along Oxford-street, to the
Centennial Park and out to Coogee. Through the traf-
fic the flexibility of the engine was demonstrated. After
leaving Coogee, the long hill towards Long Bay was
taken in good style with, four passengers aboard. The
hill, with its two turns, was negotiated in 1min.
40sec. on top speed, to within 50 yards of the summit.
After negotiating the hills to La Perouse a return
was made to the city, via Bunnerong-road, where a
turn of speed up to 45 miles an hour was shown. The
easiness of control was very marked. The car has a
splendid lock, allowing it to be turned in a very short
space (a necessary point in our narrow streets). It
has an excellent clearance, and is well tyred, also
fitted with an English touring body to seat five people.
Yesterday’s run in every way demonstrated the reputa-
tion of the car as the noiseless “Napier.” Messrs,
Alick M’Neil and M’lntosh, Ltd., have several 15-h.p.
cars to arrive shortly, .and also have in stock a 30-h.p.
6-cylinder “Napier” car.



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